1stXV vs Durbanville

Time: 11.30am

15  Justin Bendeman

14  Zolani Masembathe

13  Jordy Hop

12  Nick Redelinghuys

11  Michael Abrahams

10  Kyle Boyd

9  David Hayes

8  Alex Halvorsen

7  Kyle Coles

6  Thomas Robinson

5  James Brewer (Capt.)

4  Cameron Laurenson

3  Duncan Ferguson

2  Liam Larkan

1  Connor O’Reilly

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One thought on “1stXV vs Durbanville

  1. Tor

    Love the way Jordy Hop was stricking the ball on Saturday. Privately, this was one of my areas of interest for 2016. Nice to see the forwards push Dville of the ball too. It was really very nice to be back on the stands again. Thanks to all involved !

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