Match Day – SACS vs Paarl Gim

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2 thoughts on “Match Day – SACS vs Paarl Gim

  1. Tor Benson

    I woke up this morning with the sound of rain on the roof and thought of the need that we all have for that, I thought of the dams claiming back what we are so desperate for and rejoiced in that thought.
    My next and almost immediate thought (besides getting my son to the barber) was what an effect the rain would have on the game at hand today. My thoughts of running rugby were confused with the thought of a game dominated by forward play and short passes, in my own mind being a game that would have been one dominated by big ball carriers and short back line movements.
    Who, more than me would have been as happy to see the dust kicked up form the field while watching the 2nd XV taking on the mighty Paarl Gimnasium.
    I was just as happy to secure my favorite seat under the trees (where the new pavilion will be) and took in the banter for the BIG game ahead. Let’s not fool ourselves, we were going to be playing catch-up from minute number one, the kind visitors that traveled a fair distance to meet us today, agreed whole heartedley with those sentiments, and the weak of heart of my own was captures in those thoughts.
    My comment after a first half of mixed fortunes was consoled by the fact that I was convinced that SACS dominated the field for that period, poor and possibly ill judged clearing of the ball under pressure may have led to 3 tries that could have been avoided, were again, in my opinion, against the run of play.
    It was truly a game of 2 halves, I cannot be sure what Nick Maurer may have said to his charges, and no doubt, none of us will ever be the wiser either.
    The physical effort and mental strength shown in a comeback after heading back to the change room at
    19-0 down is perhaps the hallmark of this game and deserves, perhaps, another chapter to written on that entirely.
    The game developed into one of minimal confrontation by SACS. The genius of it all may have been learned during the 2016 game played in Paarl. Slowing down the game assisted greatly in 2016. In 2017, the kick and chase was the nutmeg of it all. The rattling of the opponents had begun and the SACS men had their tails up for once, and deservingly so.
    The rest is history as it is said and the score is on the board. It was a spectacle of school rugby to behold, played in the best of spirits and competed from the first to the last whistle.
    I was very fortunate to be sitting with Kurt Schultz during this encounter, for which both of us had to contend with an expectant yet very enjoyable crowd of Paarl Gim parents.
    Thank you SACS players and staff for a day which will rest with me for a long time to come.

  2. Tor Benson

    I forgot to mention one thing, that which I said a half time:
    We can come back from this…Kurt Schultz will back me up on that.
    Congratulations does not convey my feelings well enough.

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