This was an entirely one sided contest in which Paul Roos barely had to get out of a canter to win 78-7. The South African College High School (SACS) team failed to front up in defence and Paul Roos were able to score almost at will. The hosts scored six tries in each half. The final score was 78-7 to Paul Roos (Half time 40-0).

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  1. Paul Roos Oudskolier

    Perhaps too much is deducted from the scoreline, and the scores in other games. SACS’s under 14’s are excellent, and the under 14A’s played some brilliant rugby away from home. The SACS under 14A’s beat a star packed Paul Roos under 14A. I have been watching PRG vs SACS games since 1974, when my much older brother played for Paul Roos,therefore 40 years. There have been many ups and downs for both teams. This fixture, in my schooldays, in the 80’s and before, was referred to as Winters’s Day. It was a big event. SACS supporters used to sing the UCT/Maties intervarsity song in Afrikaans : Die SACS kom weer, want hy wil nie langer wag. Well, I also believe the SACS shall return, because they do not eant to wait any longer. Simply cannot keep a good man down! Its is not about winning!

  2. Vuyolwethu Xapa

    Well said Paul Roos Oudskolier. Our junior teams are excellent. Our first team has a lot of heart but its just not happening for them. Die SACS kom terug….

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