Results against Bishops

19A 24-24
19B 18-0
19C 15-12
19D 5-45
19E 12-7
19F 8-14
19G 47-0
16A 33-18
16B 26-19
16C 10-29
16D 12-5
15A 12-22
15B 29-0
15C 33-15
15D 47-15
15E  Bye
14A 5-19
14B 20-17
14C 5-19
14D 7-20
14E 17-31
P 20
W 11
D 1
L 8

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One thought on “Results against Bishops

  1. Tor

    So fortnate to have watched such a closely contested game of 1st vx rugby today. Exceptional skills shown by both teams and handling errors kept to the minimum. It was anyone’s game today and besides a win, a result that I can settle with. I hope that those that took a few knocks will recover and that they are not serious enough to cause concern. Congratulations all round.

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