11a vs DPHS

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DPHS won the toss and decided to kick off.  We had the wind behind us and that gave us an advantage in the first half.  With a kick over their fullbacks head, we managed to get onto their try line.  We pushed through their defence and Michael Levitt managed to get a try just left of their poles. He converted it and we were off to a good head start.  By half time, everyone was well-covered in mud,  but neither of the teams managed to score again.

Sacs kicked off after half time and were right back into the game with most of the play taking part in DPHS’s half.  We were on their try line but unfortunately gave away a penalty scrum.

DPHS won the scrum and kicked the ball into touch.  They won the line out and with another clearance kick, they managed to score a try.

They did not manage to convert this try and the final whistle blew, resulting in DPHS’s first and last loss of their season.


Alexander Thomas


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