13a vs Bishops

 In 13A, 1stXV MATCH REPORTS, Junior School

On Saturday we were up against a strong Bishops side.  we were unfortunately down two players due to injury.


It was a rainy day and we were expecting a tough match. Our coaches took us into the changing rooms and gave us a motivational speech.

Then we had a intense warm-up and proudly got into our new u13A jerseys.  We were determined to win as we ran onto the field.  We first received the ball and got off to a slow start.  Building up momentum we passed the ball down the backline to our right wing, Matthew Venier, who scored the first try.

We carried on this play scoring numerous tries in the first half. At the end of the first half it was 21-0 to Sacs.  In the second half we kicked off getting to a great start stealing all there balls at the lineouts. Defence slipped in the second half letting them score two tries in this half, but nether the less we scored two more tries ending the game 33-12. Very well done to the team. Special mentions go to Matthew Venier, Alistair Kretzschmar and Jonty Monday.


Jordan Thomas, Captain


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