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The following post on the SACS Rugby facebook page follows after a meeting with this parent:

“My comments of the state of SACS U19A rugby posted a week ago  was met with a constructive meeting between myself, Barry Van Selm, Anton Chait as well as Ken Ball. I was overwhelmed to be a part of that meeting, I have an insight never before offerred by the powers behind the game that we all enjoy as much as we

What stands out for me were the words of Ken Ball, and in reference to his
earlier days as a rugby coach: “these are boys, and they should be treated
as such”.

Mr Ball, thank you for your passion, thank you for all that you do that is
never seen by our proud and diversed school. Thank you for mentioning that we
do not measure ourselves only by the fact that we need to be the best rugby
school, the school that should be measured by the history that we are steeped
in, but rather by what we stand for today, a diversed and well rounded
community of students.

Thank you Barry for what you offer and thank you for the time that you give.
Your U16’s are are surely a reflection of the passion that you infuse in those

We are also fortunate to be a school that may call on the advises of folks such
as those with the distinguished rugby careers that have offerred their
unselfish and valuable time to SACS with the intention of competing with the

All the best boys for the week to follow.”

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