13a vs RBPS

 In 13A, Junior School

It was a windy day and we were confident that we were going to take home a victory against Rondebosh after having an awesome win against Bishops the previous Saturday.  During our warm-up we were lacking concentration but quickly recovered just before the game. I lost the toss and they decided to receive, playing with the wind.

The starting whistle blew loudly and we got off to a good start by scoring a try, by Thomas Doyle, in the first 10 minutes.  Matthew Venier got the kick over in front of the poles.  Rondebosch kicked off and we bashed it up the line, but unfortunately lost it to a knock-on on the 5m line.  They sadly scored and got a hard kick over the poles.  They had a lot of possession with the ball in our half, putting us on our back foot. We showed great defence but they scored and converted it just before the the end of the first half.  At halftime, Mr Marshall said we must run to him because it would have been the first time that we had run today …. apparently                         .  (And he was right!)

We were 14-7 down in the first half but we were not going to accept a loss.  The coaches gave us a motivational speech and we were ready for the second half.

Matthew Venier scored soon in the second half but unfortunately there was no conversion.  We played better in the second half but still had some handling errors.  The game was played much more in their half, which rewarded us with another try by Thomas Doyle. It was converted, enabling us to win 19-14.  Congratulations on a tight win.  A more focused approach from the start, will help us next week.

Special mentions must go to Matthew Venier, Thomas Doyle, Brent van Niekerk and Jordan Velosa.

Jordan Thomas


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