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The SACS Percy Montgomery Rugby Foundation is a Schools’, Old Boys’ and Parent’s initiative to help raise funds to develop individuals’ rugby talents and develop the coaches at both the High and Junior Schools.
One of our primary focuses is to provide the opportunity for talented young rugby players, whose parents cannot afford the school fees, to attend SACS.

The Foundation also helps to:

  • obtain financial assistance, or assists in finding a sponsor for these young men.
  • provide funding to attract top sportsmen who cannot afford to attend SACS, by bridging fees so that they are able to attend this school.
  • enable the players to receive the very best rugby coaching whilst they attend the SACS schools

The SACS Percy Montgomery Rugby Foundation relies on the generous contributions by Old Boys, parents and organisations who would like to make a difference to young South Africans’ lives.
If you would like to make a difference to a young man’s life, then please consider completing this Direct debit form and returning it to Barry van Selm –

What we do:

The SACS Percy Montgomery Rugby Foundation creates opportunities for underprivileged, talented rugby players who would not otherwise be able to attend a school such as SACS. In conjunction with the SACS Rugby Scholarship Programme we offer players a balanced approach to :

  • performance
  • academic excellence

By ensuring:

Financial Aid for the successful applicants
Ongoing coach training
World-class 400m² gym facility

Success Stories

Zolani Masembathe

“I will not be just another social case”

Zolani’s story is not much different to many AIDS and township orphans in South Africa. After his grandmother and father’s passing, Zolani found himself on the streets of Cape Town at 11 years old.  Although he lived amongst drug addicts and criminals, he was more concerned with playing rugby and getting an education Adrian Hewlitt and the SACS Percy Montgomery Rugby Foundation helped him reach his dream.

To read the full story click here

To help others like Zolani : click here

Fabrice Nahimana

“Rugby can be a powerful asset in transforming one’s life”

Fabrice was born in Rwanda and had to leave due to political instability. Even though his first few years in South Africa were very difficult : being exposed to a different culture, having to learn English, not having enough food to eat made him determined to work harder than anyone else, in the classroom and on the rugby field Brent Oil and the SACS Percy Montgomery Rugby Foundation gave him the opportunity to realise his dream

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To help others like Fabrice : click here

Sihle Lonz

“Through attending SACS, I have been able to build up by all-round ability and been able to find the balance in all that I do”

Sihle is an classic example of a tenacious young South African. Sihle was taught strong value systems from a very young age.  He knew that education was the only chance he had at success.  Growing up in a community amongst drug abuse, teenage pregnancy and alcohol abuse Sihle applied for  a number of scholarships.  Sihle was granted a scholarship by the Students for a Better Future.  SACS has been instrumental in building up Sihle’s all round ability and helped him to find balance in all that he does.

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Thundzi Dike

“I thought attending a school like SACS would be out of reach for me”

Thundzi was raised by his mother and aunt in the township of Langa. Recognising that a school like SACS was out of reach for Thundzi, SACS Percy Montgomery Rugby Foundation sourced a benefactor who contributed go Thundzi’s school fees on an annual basis. As a result, Thundzi has become a proud SACS man and has exhibited exceptional care for others during his time at SACS.

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To help others like Thundzi : click here

Make a difference

The future of rugby suffers when young talent can’t afford top schools and coaching. These young men should not be ignored by the sports community. There are a number of ways that you can make a difference in these young men’s lives:


The SACS Percy Montgomery Fund raises funds for players, continuing training for our coaches as well as ensuring that the training environment is world class. If you would like to make a financial difference in these boy’s lives, there are a number of options available to you. Click here to find out more

Become a sponsor

If you would like to become an annual sponsor of School Fees of a SACS Rugby Scholarship recipient, please fill up the form below :


The SACS Percy Montgomery Rugby Foundation serves the school and our rugby teams by providing delicious food at each home game during the season. If you would like to find out how you can get involved and help at the games, please contact Hazel Lategan on


Debit/Credit/Recurring Payments

Click here to make a donation or Recurring donation


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Contact us

Contact person: Barry van Selm (Head of Rugby)
SACS High School
Newlands Avenue

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