13b vs WPPS

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We knew it was going to be a tough game because we had a grand total of 5 people sick, and two of our players were going to leave at half time with nobody to take their places.

We were going to have to play the game of our lives.

We lost the toss and had to kick off.

We pushed hard and James Eastman managed to score the first try of the match in the 10th minute. James’ try was then converted by David MacGillivray.

WPPS then scored two more tries in the 13th and 18th minute. Both of these tries were converted.

We tried hard to score another try to get us back up there with WPPS. Walter Mahanjana managed to score an amazing try when he drove over the try line.

The half time score was SACS 14 – WPPS 14.

Two of our players left at half time and we had no reserves, but a sick player (who wasn’t meant to play) came on, but we were still one player down.

WPPS scored two more tries in the second half and won the game 24-14.

Thanks to the C team players who had to assist at the last minute.

Lets’ hope that all the B’s will be fit and strong for next week.


Dominic Riley

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