Fixtures vs Bishops

Bishops Sacs Field Time
1st XV 1ST XV Piley Rees 11h45
2nd XV 2nd XV Piley Rees 10h15
3rd XV 3rd XV Piley Rees 09h00
4th XV 4th XV Avenue 10h15
5th XV 5th XV Avenue 09h10
6th XV 6th XV  Avenue 08h00
7th XV 7th XV Cemetery 10h00
U16 A U16A Sahara  10h15
U16 B U16B Sahara 09h10
U16 C U16C Sahara 08h00
U15 A U15A Memorial B 10h15
U15 B U15B Memorial B 09h10
U15 C U15C Memorial B 08h00
U15 D U15D  De Villiers  10h15
U14 A  U14A Spencer – Smith 10h15
U14 B  U14B Spencer – Smith 09h10
U14 C  U14C Spencer – Smith 08h00
U14 D  U14D De Villiers 09h15


  1. Are spectators allowed?
    Can you please advise of the 1 XV squad.
    Thank you and may all the teams enjoy an enjoyable day.

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