Fixtures vs Paul Roos

PRG vs SACS: 14 April 2018
Time Hoofveld Rivierveld Meulsloot Time Doornbosch Volkskombuis
8:00 19E vs SACS 19D 16B vs SACS 16B 16E vs SACS 16D 8:00 14C vs SACS 14C 15B vs SACS 15B
9:20 16A vs SACS 16A 19H vs SACS 19G 14B vs SACS 14B 9:00 14D vs SACS 14D 15D vs SACS 15D
10:30 19C vs SACS 19C 16D vs SACS 16C 19F vs SACS 19E 10:00 14E vs SACS 14E 15A vs SACS 15A
11:40 19B vs SACS 19B 19G vs SACS 19F 19D vs Cloetesville 19A 11:00 14A vs SACS 14A 15C vs SACS 15C
13:00 19A vs SACS 19A 12:00 16C vs Cloetesville 16A
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