SACS Rugby has a new sponsor


SACS Rugby is proud to have Elliott Mobility as their sponsor for the 2014 season. We hope to build a strong relationship with this excellent company and through our rugby, push their brand.

The two icons of the moving and relocation industry in Sub-Saharan Africa, Elliott International and Elliott Corporate Relocations have now combined to provide their customers with a single-source, expert provider for all their mobility requirements. By maximizing on their on-the-ground expertise, extensive coverage and commitment to quality they are able to offer our customers trusted mobility solutions in the many destinations they cover.

Elliott International

Founded in 1947, under the passionate and inspired leadership of Tom Ansley and subsequently that of Charles Luyckx and Brad Barker, the company has grown to be one of the world’s foremost removal companies. Elliott International is synonymous with quality and innovation, providing its corporate and private customers with a seamless moving experience.

Elliott Corporate Relocations

Established in 1993, its success can be attributed to the entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to service excellence of its team, led by Corallie Pringle. Acquired by Elliott’s in 2008, the business has expanded its services and coverage across the continent. Its dedication to quality, to its customers and to its team is the touchstone of the company’s ethos.

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