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SACS supports the holistic development of talented rugby players and recognises their increasing need to successfully balance academic, cultural and sporting commitments.
SACS facilitates this vision by sourcing funding from individuals and organisations to assist financially, for boys who are unable to attend SACS due to their financial constraints.
We have witnessed the development of individual’s, some of whose stories are in this prospectus, as they have had five years of education at SACS. This education has not just been in the classroom, but out on the fields, in the hostel and in their association with so many diverse young men at SACS.
The SACS Rugby Scholarship programme offers a wide range of support services for talented rugby players or those we identify that may have potential to attend SACS as part of a balanced approach to training, performance and academic excellence. Rugby has given them this vehicle and we hope in our fundraising efforts, we are able to help young men in achieving a dream of attending a school like SACS.

Please download our prospectus SACS Prospectus 2017 which will give organisations, individuals and SACS Old Boys who would like to contribute to this fund. If you would like any more information which cannot be found in the prospectus, then please contact Barry van Selm ( If you would like to make use of snapscan – please follow this link – SACS Sponsor SnapScan

If you would like to meet to discuss, then please contact me.

Barry van Selm

Deputy Headmaster

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