150 years of the oldest schoolboy rugby derby in the country – SACS vs Bishops



On Saturday 6th May we celebrate 150 years of the oldest schoolboy rugby derby in the country  – SACS vs Bishops.


The first officially recorded game between SACS and Bishops was held in 1873. The first match ever played at Newlands Rugby Stadium, in April 1890, was contested between the two schools. SACS versus Bishops also served as the intervarsity match of the day when both schools had yet to cede their college classes. 

In 1891, the SACS man Ben Duff played three rugby union Test matches in a home series against the British Isles. These were the first ever official Tests that South Africa played and due to the order in which players’ names were listed on team sheets for a match at the time, Duff has the distinction of being the first Springbok. Western Province, winners of the Currie Cup in 1892, wore SACS jerseys because their captain Ben Duff was a SACS man and they have worn the blue and white hoops of SACS ever since.

In 1896 South Africa wore the myrtle green shirts for the first time, which their captain, Barry Heatlie, borrowed from his Old Diocesans club (Bishops). The Springboks play in the same green jersey to this day.

Saturday 6th May 2023:

To commemorate this special occasion, the 1st XV’s of the respective schools and their coaches will line up on each side of the halfway line facing the Heatlie Pavilion. This will happen at 12:15pm (15 mins before the kick off of the main game). The announcer will begin with a period of silence to honour the legendary Bishops coach Mr Andre Jacobs who sadly passed away last week.

The Headmasters plus Robbie Fleck (Bishops) and Percy Montgomery (SACS) will then shake hands and wish each player good luck for the match. Coaches will do the introductions.

The announcer will give information to the spectators about the history of the match while handshakes are taking place. 

We look forward to seeing you at Bishops on Saturday!

Last 10 results AWAY at Bishops:

  1. 2012: SACS won 34-3
  2. 2013: SACS won 22-5
  3. 2014: Bishops won 26-12
  4. 2015: SACS won 26-17
  5. 2016: Bishops won 43-28
  6. 2017: 24 all draw
  7. 2018: Bishops won 19-7
  8. 2019: Bishops won 47-17
  9. 2020: COVID
  10. 2021: Bishops won 29-20
  11. 2022: SACS won 15-10
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