Villagers 7’s Draw

VILLAGER SCHOOL SEVEN – A – SIDE: 5th September 2014
Field 14H00 14H20 14H40 15H00 15H20 15H40 16H00 16H20 16H40 17H00
A Bishops B                               vs                                      Jag Excelsior SACS C                         vs            Rondebosch A Bishops A                vs                          Fish Hoek B Fish Hoek A               vs                               Tygerberg Club B Paul Roos                        vs                         WPSS  Langa                     vs                          Rondebosch B vs vs vs vs
B Primrose A                         vs                                        Parklands A  Milnerton                     vs                          SACS A                              Drakenstein                          vs            Voortrekker High Tygerberg Club A               vs                               Parklands B SACS B                       vs                         JAG MALIBU Tygerberg HS B              vs                      Zishukanyo Secondary vs vs vs vs
C   Westerford              vs                                                  Paarl Gym Tygerberg HS A              vs                                            Bishops C  Wynberg A                            vs                                        Primrose B Wynberg B                          vs                               Jag Sisizemele vs vs vs vs vs
  17H20 17H40 18H00 18H20 18H40 19H00 19H20 19H40 20H15
    Sevens Quarter Sevens Quarter Sevens Quarter Sevens Quarter Sevens Semi Sevens Semi Plate Final Sevens Final
A vs vs vs vs vs vs vs vs vs
    Plate Quarter Plate Quarter Plate Semi Plate Semi
B vs vs vs vs vs
    Plate Quarter Plate Quarter
C vs vs vs
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