13a vs Bishops

 In 13A, 1stXV MATCH REPORTS, Junior School

On Saturday we played a challenging Bishops side.  We arrived on the fields confident  and nervous.  The whole team knew it was going to be one of the most difficult matches of the term.


We had a tense warm-up by perfecting our moves and then got into our jerseys.  We got a team talk by our coaches and we were all thinking about our job for this match.  We lost the toss and received playing towards our wonderful school.  We ran on confident and waited for the starting whistle to blow.


The whistle blew loudly and the ball came flying towards us.  In the first few minutes they were in our half but we pulled it together and we were able to get the ball in their half.  Matthew Venier got a great breakaway and put the first points on the board.  The score was 5-0.  We got pumped and stayed in their half, rewarding us with a try by Matthew Hayes.  The score was now 10-0.  Bishops were mad and came back firing, by putting us on our 5m line for the last 5 minutes of the first half.  But, with great defending by the team and tackling by Jordan Velosa, we were able to hold them off until the half time whistle blew.


Our coaches gave us some good advice and we got back to the match trying not to let them down.  We kicked off and stayed in their half for the first few minutes keeping the ball in our possession.  They came back hard and intercepted a skip pass and got onto the attack.  They were able to score a try and a conversion with this attack.  The score was now 10-7. This match was getting harder by the second.  Bishops had lots of possession, putting us on the defense.  We played hard to keep our lead.  The score was still 10 -7 with 5 minutes to go.  We played intensely and it paid off.  The final whistle blew and we had managed to hold them at bay and had won by 10 points to 7.


Well done to the boys for all your hard work.


Jordan Thomas


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