11a vs Bishops

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We won the toss and decided to kick off.  It was a superb day to play rugby. There was mud, no rain and there was no wind.  We kicked off and were up to a great start. We won the ball and spread it wide. Sadly they were able to win the next breakdown and they had possession of the ball.  They managed to break through our defence and score a try. Luckily it was not converted.  We kicked off again and we were angry.  We could not get the ball back and this led to another try by the strong Bishops team, within the first 5 minutes of the game. After the try, Mr Faure was still confident that we could win and gave us an enthusiastic team talk while they tried to convert the try.  This conversion was also unsuccessful.  We were unaccustomed to not having the first points on the board.  We were ready to fight back and were quickly back into the game. We got a lineout on their 5 meter line and I managed to get it over the try line with good team support.  This was converted by Michael Levitt. The half way whistle went and the score was 7 – 10 to Bishops


We started off the second half and were eager to win.  Sadly they were able to push the forwards over and run faster than our backline. This led to another try for Bishops. We kicked off and we got the ball back.  I broke through and scored SACS’s second try.  Michael Levitt was able to convert it.  The score was now 14-15.  We were determined not to lose by one point and we were pushing hard. We were given a penalty on the 5 meter and Michael Levitt carried the ball over the line.

He converted it and the whistle went.  The end score was 21 – 15 to SACS.

Congratulations to the boys and the coaches on a well-deserved, tight win.

Alexander Thomas


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