13b vs DPHS

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Saturday 26 July. The weather was atrocious; the field was green, but soaked in water, which meant it would get muddy in seconds after kick off.

The team assembled under the poles for a warm up before the game, we warmed up with a strong mindset as the same side beat us, weeks earlier.


We won the toss and decided to play with the wind, we thought that if we wanted to win the game we would have to start off blazing and take the wind out of their sails. Through early phases with the ball we managed to make our way up the field, eventually Cameron Worthington broke the line and scored under the poles to improve the angle of the kick (conversion was successful – David McGillivray. Straight after kick off James Eastman had a magical run from our twenty-two meter line to the opposing try line and scored a try that not only extended our lead, but also increased our confidence (conversion successful – David MacGillvray). The rest of the half was played across the field. With seconds left in the half we were caught napping and DPHS scored.


Half Time Score SACS 14, DPHS 5


We were given an uplifting chat at half time and we all were focused on giving everything we’ve got. We started off on the back foot and were defending for most of the half and we made a critical defensive mistake, which resulted in DPHS scoring a try, the conversion was successful. This meant we were only leading by 2 points. Through determination and guts we managed to break the line and breach the white wash with Cameron Worthington yet again (conversion unsuccessful). This was the icing on the cake as we played the rest of the game in their half. The full-time whistle blew and the whole team jumped on joy, as we knew how much this win meant.


Full Time Score SACS 19, DPHS 12


Special congrats go to the team for an immense effort, we gave it all we had and we came out on top. Special thanks go to the coaches for preparing us for this game and for keeping our spirits up when we felt down.


Captain, Tomas Slaven

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