13d vs Bishops

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We lost the toss and Bishops decided to kick off playing with the wind.They kicked off and Jacque Bam received it and made an excellent run going through almost the entire opposition darting towards the left post. A spectacular, perfectly timed offload to Sameer Gangraker who found himself scoring the first try of the game under the poles. Then Kyle Nell went for the conversion with an unfortunate miss making the score 5-0.Then Bishops kicked off again and this time Walter Mahanjana recieved it and made a great run scoring under the poles with the conversion missed again making it 10-0. The next try was an interception by Ethan Abrahams yet again scoring under the poles with a well converted kick by Kyle Nell. The next ry was by Sameer Gangraker just before half time,which was called early by ten minutes for we were leading by a promising amount. Then as we got onto the field for the second half it started raining but luckily the rain was on our backs because of the wind. We scored another 2 trys after that and they ended the game early with a final score of 35-0 to SACS.

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