16A to play at Hermanus High Rugby Festival


The following players will make the short trip to Hermanus High School to play in their NOWAN CORNELIUS RUGBY FESTIVAL. SACS will play at 2pm against Worcester Gim on Friday.

Akinjole,   Adebiyi
Beeton, Joshua
Bendeman,   Justin
Boyd, Kyle
Brewer, James
Burger, Yuwin
Coleman,   Azriel
Dicey, Andrew
Dobie, Jordan
Halvorsen,   Alexander
King, James
Kyle Coles
Larkan, Liam
Fourie, Daniel
Barnett, Jacob
Ravenscroft,   Michael
Steytler,   Lance
Thomson,   Nicholas
Tolashe, Yanga
Waterkeyn, Thomas
Willemse,   Ronaldo
Wishart,   Alexander (Stuart)
Yacoob,   Mogammad (Nishaad)
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