2ndXV Season Report


U19B Rugby Report

2ND  XV  STATS  –  2017

 P14    W12    L2    D0    F307    A179

This certainly is the best a 2ndXV has performed at SACS in the past 50 years. This team had an exceptional season. Matthew Hayward, the Head Prefect of SACS, lead this team so well and he surrounded himself with good people with a very good culture and vibe. This recipe is what lead to this teams success.

We had some memorable games, none more so than beating Paul Roos 14 _11 on the Memorial A (the only side to win a game that day. This team defended their line with such pride and just loved to have a crack at every opportunity they could, sometimes to the anguish of the coaches, Mr Barry van Selm, Joel Smith and very experienced manager, Mr Simon Perkin.

Most of the team has had at least a cap for the 1stXV, but they all enjoyed playing for each other in the 2ndXV. Our motto was “Kai Tao”, which is something any 2ndXV member will be happy to share the meaning of with you. But, it certainly worked for this team and was our bond. The boys thought they could win every game. That is a great mentality to have running onto a sports field. Memorable wins over Paul Roos, Boland Landbou and then taking the “Grand Slam” are certainly highlights of the year. The team scored 45 tries in 14 games and did not concede too many as they had pride in defending their try line. However, more importantly, it was the friendships and relationships, which were built over this past season.  

This was certainly a season that we will all remember for a very long time. To all the players that played for the SACS 2ndXV in 2017, you certainly did your school, parents and coaches proud. There is no substitute for hard work and although you dreaded when Stu Black arrived at practice, you got into the mental state to push beyond the barrier.  

Captain Fantastic, Matthew Hayward, take a bow sir! You are a shining example of everything a captain should be. You lead by example on and off the field. You never give up and you lead your team like a champion.  I will not mention all the players by name, but I think you know who you are who made a special difference to not only this team’s season, but to my educational career and the way I shall look at coaching in the future.

To the matrics leaving SACS, I hope you continue to play rugby. Rugby is such a great game and will give you so much back in return.  Thank you Joel, Simon and Stuart for your big contribution to the success and mentorship of these players. The grade 11’s have big shoes to fill and I expect them to rise to the challenge. I am looking forward to the 2018 season and shall never forget the 2017 SACS 2ndXV.

Mr Barry van Selm


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