SACS Rugby 2014 Report



Rugby Report 2014

This season has seemed to have flown by and we are again facing pre-season conditioning and planning. So what can we take out of the 2014 season and improve upon for the 2015 season? What we found was that our 14a, 15a and 16a had their most successful seasons judging from the local derby schools’ results.

Team Wins 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
u14a 0 2 2 3 3 4
u15a 3 4 1 2 1 5
u16a 0 4 4 0 3 3
Overall success 3/12=25% 10/18=55.5% 7/18=38.8% 5/18=27.7% 7/18=38.8% 12 / 18 = 66.6%


There are many factors attributing to this success and I think the main factor is the attention given to preseason training and a few warm up games before we started the league. The U14A and U16A squads toured to Hermanus and U15A took part in the Paarl Boys Tournament. Couple this with the appointment of good coaches, attention to detail and the coaches working and communicating well together.

Overall Results 2014

Whole School 2014 For Against DIFF % Win
Bishops (a) W8L8 210 246 -36 50%
Bishops (h) W8 L10 304 325 -21 44%
Boland (A) W2D1L13 99 334 -235 13%
Stellenberg (H) W9 L3 D1 247 137 110 75%
Paarl Gym (H) W1L15 85 410 -325 6%
DF Malan (H) W5 L0 208 17 191 100%
Brackenfell (H) W5 L5 200 115 85 50%
PaarlBoys (H) W0 L15 43 633 -590 0%
PRG (A) W1 L18 77 752 -675 5%
RBHS (a) W6 D1 L10 384 333 51 38%
RBHS (h) W8 L7 D1 255 227 28 53%
WBHS (a) W6 L10 D1 148 221 -73 38%
WBHS (h) W5D1L10 277 272 5 33%
TOTAL P206 W72 D5 L127 2537 4022 -1485 36%


On a global results perspective our win percentage was slightly down from last year. We are now in a position to have stronger coaches in the lower teams and will definitely keep a closer watch on the coaching happening down there. Our coaches have had coaching seminars, working dinners with Headstart and end of season reviews to keep up to date with recent coaching techniques. We were also fortunate to have one of the top defensive coaches in rugby, Omar Mouneimne come in and present to our coaches and help our 1stXV. We certainly were impressed with his work and our 1stXV showed this defence against Wynberg at Wynberg.

Once again SACS is able to have at least one teacher coach assigned to each of its 19 teams. Not many schools can match this appointment. This gives an educational approach to the behaviour of the boys on and off the field. We see this as a very important part of the sporting education you receive at SACS. I would like to thank the parents for their positive support this year and also for being mindful that our referees are volunteers and can make mistakes. Thank you to all the Old Boys who watch our games and give their support.

SACS was fortunate to have Elliott Mobility as our rugby sponsor this year and they have been most generous to SACS. If you are relocating, please consider them as they will give SACS family a discount. We have launched our SACS Rugby logo and made the logo available as rear window stickers which are available at the school shop. We are spreading the name of SACS Rugby.

Once again the SACS Percy Montgomery Foundation has helped SACS Rugby out with equipment and funding for coaches to attend clinics. I wish to thank all the parents who have given of their time, but particularly Mike de Villiers, Leon de Villiers, Martin Rickleton and Charles Reich who step down this year. We are fortunate to have other parents who have stepped up to the plate to help at functions and on Saturday mornings. Thank you to those who donate so generously via direct debit to the PMF. If there are parents who would like to donate money to help the development of SACS rugby, then please contact me.

Thank you to Mrs Parker, her staff and all the First Aid boys who do such an amazing job through rain and shine. They provide such a valuable and necessary service. I would particularly like to thanks Stephan Coleman and Robert Dobie who go the extra mile and do it with such professionalism and genuine care. On this note I would like to appeal to parents to ensure that you take out the necessary insurance or medical aid to cover injuries which may occur on a rugby field as these can run into thousands of rands.


I would like to encourage the players to always strive to perform at the best of your ability on the field and for parents also to encourage the boys to practice and look after their conditioning. Can I encourage players to improve on their individual skills as much as possible. These require hours of practice. I would like to thank parents for all the hours of watching and supporting your son, transporting him and buying of his rugby kit. I hope they appreciate all of this and have told you so too!

A massive thank you to all of our rugby coaches who spend time coaching the boys. Some coaches go way beyond what is expected of them and I am very grateful to the time they spend on the field.

Next year brings a new challenge and one which we have already started to address. We have had our “Seasons Review” and have already started with meeting with specific positions and tasking them with their responsibilities off-season. I think 2015 brings a very strong coaching personnel and I am sure next year we can take SACS rugby to even greater heights.

Barry van Selm

Master-in-charge of Rugby

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