U16A vs Boland match report


A disappointing loss and some valuable lessons learnt. This team has great potential, but the small things need to be taken care of on the field. Twice we gave up the opportunity in front of the poles to go get the 3 points, but decided to tap and go. Both times getting turned over! Three yellow cards for ill discipline is not going to win you games. Plus forwards need to do the hard graph and pick up their intensity at the break down.

On a positive side, our lineouts were better and a good driving maul in the opening minutes saw Sujai Ikemefuna with a clear line in front of him.

11164779_976757529021325_1501970468317031377_nAfter this try we battled to get any phases together by our backs not being at enough depth and inaccurate passing letting us down. The team are realising now the importance of structure, phases and patience. We are heading into two games at the Wynberg Festival with a mission to sort out these issues before we play Bishops on 9 May. We are having to rest players due to injuries, but I know the players coming into those positions will play their hearts out to get into the A side for the Bishops derby.

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