10b vs Durbanville

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This was the first time that we have played Durbanville.  We did not know what to expect.  We were also not playing with boots. They won the toss and they chose to kick off.  Feeling excited, we ran onto the field. We started hard, but they tackled hard.  We didn’t get to run as much as we expected.  We pushed, and pushed and pushed.  Eventually we got a penalty.  Our scrum half, Uzayer Salie passed it to Callum Hirst.  Callum scored the first try … in the corner.  Phew!  The rest of the first half was tough.  During half-time, our coach said that our forwards needed to get into the ruck quicker and that the backline must run really hard.  The 2nd half Durbanville fought hard.  They grabbed the ball out of our hands any chance they could get.  They didn’t give up.  They tackled.  And we pushed … closer and closer to the try-line.  Two minutes left, Uzayer did his magic again and Adam Steyn scored the 2nd try.  The final score was 10-0.  We were very happy with our win.  It wasn’t easy.

Quinn Bultemeier



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