Results vs Southern Suburb Schools


SACS U14a/U15a/U16a vs Bishops, Rondebosch and Wynberg in 2014:

A quick summary shows we won 7/9 games which is a very good effort.

In 9 games we conceded 6 tries in total at an average of 0.66 per game!

We scored 158 points to our opponents 45 for an average score of 18 – 5.

The most successful team was U14a with 3/3 wins achieving the coveted ‘Triple Crown’ which is a fantastic achievement.

The U15a team were the most effective in terms of scoring points (56) and were the most miserly in defence conceding just 8 points in 3 games.

Both U16a and U15a scored 8 tries while U14a scored 7 in the 3 games played.

We scored a total of 23 tries in 9 games @ 2.55 tries per game. Something for us to improve on in the 3rd term? I’m certainly disappointed we didn’t score more tries, particularly against Rondebosch and Wynberg.

Vs Bishops:

U16a  Won 21-0 (3 tries to nil)

U15a  Won 40-0 (6 tries to nil)

U14a  Won 18-5 (2 tries to 1)


Vs Rondebosch:

U16a  Won 21-0 (3 tries to nil)

U15a  Lost 5-7 (1 try each)

U14a  Won 15-5 (3 tries to 1)


Vs Wynberg:

U16a  Lost 12-20 (2 tries each)

U15a  Won 11-3 (1 try to nil)

U14a  Won 15-5 (2 tries to 1)


U14a – Points for: 47, Points against: 15, Points diff: 32, Ave score: 16-5

U15a – Points for: 56, Points against: 8, Points diff: 48, Ave score: 19-3

U16a – Points for: 54, Points against: 20, Points diff: 34, Ave score: 18-7

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